Sunday, July 13, 2008

4 Years Already?

Ok, so I was downloading Kade and Jessica's wedding and as I was looking through the images, I found one of Jory and I that I LOVED that my sister took of us. I thought that since our anniversary was only 2 days before their wedding, I'd post this pic in honour of our 4th year. We weren't able to be together on the 10th, but we met up before the wedding. I can't believe how fast the past 4 years have gone by. It really doesn't seem like we've been married that long. Someone was telling me that was a good thing. I'm sure the next 20 years will fly by. Well anyways, Happy Anniversary to us.


PS-What's hotter then a man in a tux, eh? Oh yes... MY man in a tux! Babes... I'm sorry, but you just look HOT!



Sherry, Your awesome! Congrats to you too, from me and us :) And if you don't mind my saying you both look hot! I have to agree about the tux thing, I love Alex in a tux, Maybe it's a James Bond thing. Anyone know where that started?
Congrats again, you guys look great! Here's to many more years Sher!

Laura said...

I've said this before, but I have to say it now... I love LOVE! And you guys just radiate love! Congratulations friends. I love you dearly. The years do fly by...because as you know, you're having so much fun together. I wish you happiness and blessings always!

sherry ward said...

I miss you two girls SOOOO much right now I could cry!

Christensen's said...

Wow! What a great shot of both of you! Congrats on four years! Isn't it crazy how fast it goes by. Jed and I will celebrate our 5th this August! I have set up two appointments for us on Sunday. One at 7:30 with Cathy and the other at 8:00 with Lisa. Let me know if that doesn't work, otherwise I will plan on it. Do you want to do the lesson? I don't mind doing it if you are too busy. Let me know.

Sara said...

Lookin' good! Congrats to both of you on your Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Jory a couple weeks ago (his is the same as our Kade... June 30th!)

Dave and Jaime said...

Congrats to you guys! Time does go by really fast, but as long as you get to spend it together who cares right!