Monday, August 12, 2013

Family Time at the Provo LDS Temple

One Sunday, I told Jory we needed to get out of the house and do something as a family. I knew our time as a family of 3 was almost over and I wanted to spend as much time with Lincoln as we could before Porter came knowing we wouldn't be leaving the house much and spending a lot of time taking care of a newborn. So we ventured out to the Provo Temple. Lincoln was super excited when he saw the fountains. He LOVES playing in water. It was such a beautiful evening and it was so good just to spend time as our little family of 3. 

Love his little face in this pic!

I was trying to take some pretty pics of the temple and Lincoln decided to photo bomb the pic! Awesome Lincs!

So cute...

I was fat and prego in these pics, just keep scrolling down and over them!

At the Provo LDS Temple, there is this hill you can climb up. All of a sudden, Lincoln ran up the hill, fell to the ground and started rolling down the hill. It was so cute. We've never seen him do anything like that before. But he did it over and over again!

This pic made me LAUGH so hard! Love that face!

And yes, that is my son SPITTING in the temple fountain!! I was mortified... Gotta love little boys.

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