Monday, December 10, 2012

O Come, Emmanuel

   I truly don't care what religion anyone person decides to live- or if they chose to live one at all. I believe each one of us is entitled to our own free agency. Either way, we love everyone. This is what I believe.

      I also believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ with my whole heart. I believe he lived on this earth and still lives. I believe he atoned for all of our sins and heart aches. I believe He watches over us in ways we don't even see or understand. I firmly believe that one day we will return and live with him again some day.

    This Christmas Season, I have been struggling with some winter blues and it sure has been hard to find the Christmas Spirit. As I was browsing Facebook the other day, my sweet Joelle's husband had posted this video. I knew if he had shared it, it must have been good. It touched my heart so deeply watching this. It is BEYOND beautiful! Regardless of your religion, if you are a believer/follower of Christ, you NEED to watch this. The music is perfect and just amazing. The message is the most powerful though.

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Laura said...

Love this. It made me cry. So needed this this past week. Love you friend!