Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lincoln The Hockey Player!

I didn't have a clue on earth what Lincoln was going to be for Halloween until just a few days ago. Seriously! The truth is, I just don't care about Halloween. I mean, it's fun and all but I don't go crazy like a lot of people around here. I didn't put up a single Halloween decoration, we really didn't do more then one fun Halloween activity until the day before and we made no plans for the big day until we were literally in the moment! LOL... Lincoln is 2.5 though, so I am not worried about it.

 Last night when I walked into my sister in law's house, I did feel like a very un fun mom! She is so cute and creative! I'll work on it! Next year. Anyways, I was wracking my brain as to what Lincs could be and as I was going through some baby clothes for my cousin, I found a little Canadian Hockey jersey in the closet. Hmmm... THEN, I remembered the little felt hockey hat that also was sent by my girlfriend with the jersey. Perfect, Lincs has a costume! Did not have to buy a thing for it!

 Lincoln has actually been sick this week (again) so we weren't sure if we were even going to make it out last night. I figured we could just go to a few houses since it WAS Halloween and it was SUPER warm last night. But once we were outside, he was so happy. We went to a few houses in our area and then on a whim decided to head over to my brother's neighborhood and hang out with the cousins. We seriously had a lot of fun with them! Lincoln didn't care about the candy at all. He thought we were going to people's houses to play. It was a mean cruel trick for him. He did end up loving the fact that his pumpkin was full of suckers and M&M's!

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Laura said...

Love the costume. So cute!