Thursday, April 22, 2010


Wow... being a new mom is exhausting! My mother in law has been staying with us the past two weeks and just left yesterday. She has been an AMAZING help! My house has NEVER been so clean and she held Lincs anytime I need a break or my back was so sore. She loves him SO much though. I felt so bad when she left to see her cry the way she did. She lives 3.5 hours away so we don't see them all that much!

Today has been the first day with out her and the little stinker just wants to be held ALL the time! Since I'm not fully recovered from my C-Section and really don't feel all that great so I try and sleep when he does. When he's awake, he just wants to be held and snuggled-which of course means nothing else is going to get done for a while. Grocery shopping, laundry and house work...??? Yeah, that should be interesting!

Tonight we are going to have our good Friend Cort take some pics of us. I know I'm fully capable to do this, but so is he and sometimes, it's nice just to have someone else do it you know? Cort is amazing with his photography though so I am SOOO excited to see what he does. In the mean time, here are some more pics of our little stinker!




He really is a darling baby. Lincs is so strong and has a loud, healthy set of lungs. When he's hungry, he wants to eat NOW! LOL...I can't believe he's already 2 weeks old. I look at the pics from the hospital and look at him now-I just can't believe HOW fast they change and grow! Breaks my heart! Although... the thought of more sleep through out the night sounds divine to me right now! ;)


Jill said...


He is adorable! I can't wait to come and see him in person.

I'm glad to hear that you sleep when he sleeps. Keep doing that; especially while you recover. Forget the chores for now. Eventually you will get more into a routine and will figure out how to get the baby loving in and the housework, shopping, etc. done.

I'm glad to hear that you are both doing well!

Dave and Jaime said...

He looks really cute, and you can see the change even in his pictures. I really need to stop by next time I am up that way to meet that little guy!