Monday, February 4, 2008

We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet.

We were all huddled in Kelly's office listening to the announcing of our new Prophet; Pres. Thomas S. Monson!! I think it hit me a little more that Pres. Hinckley is gone. However, I believe that he will be an amazing prophet just like Pres. Hinckley! They held a press conference afterwards and there were several things that I wanted to write about while I could remember them! (lol...)

1) They talked about the importance of having an Education-esp. for woman. In case your spouse dies or you get divorced and how you'll need to be able to take care of yourself and family. The world is so competitive and so we must be prepared. But not only to be prepared, having your education as a goal and achieving it is something to be proud of and gives you a feeling of self worth and success. This was something that kind of hit home to me as I have been feeling the, "Who am I, and where is my life going, oh, and is this all there is to my life, there must be something else!!!" So it has given me more motivation to finish my education and to continue on as time progresses.

2) Pres. Monson said, "The past is a prelude to the future." I know this to be true, and we'll keep it at that!

3) A message to the inactive- "Don't give up, we love you and need you!"

4) I love how Pres.Uchtdorf said, "We are all citizens in the Kingdom of Heaven."

And lastly, Pre. Monson said he was prepared to follow Pres.Hinckley.

"It's not difficult because he blazed the trail," Monson said at a news conference. "I worked with him for so long — 44 years. We knew each other so well. I knew and testify afresh that he was the Lord's prophet."

Although I will miss Pres. Hinckley, I am more then excited to sustain Pres. Thomas S. Monson as my new Prophet called of God. He is a loving and compassionate man. I love how he tells stories as to get his message across in a kind and loving way. I mean really, look at this man, he's got kindness written all over his face! Pres. Hinckley left a great legacy behind, but Pres. Monson will continue on in this wonderful legacy that the Gospel has to offer. I testify of this.

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MiNdY said...

I agree!! I LOVED Pres. Hinckley, but I too love Pres Monson just as much! It was his and pres hinckleys talks that i could never tire of listening to, thats probably bad to say but true!
And I am hanging in there! ;)