Monday, January 28, 2008

He Stood for Something.

In Loving Memory of President Gordan Bitner Hinckley.
Passed away January 27, 2008

Today in our team meeting at work, we talked about the passing of President Hinckley. Tim, our CEO said how funny it is when we are shocked that a 97 year old man like our prophet, passes away. It's true. When my best friend text me about the news, I was VERY shocked. But why? Hello, he WAS 97 YEARS OLD!!! I guess for me, he's been around since I like 15 years old. He was my hero, no doubt and I just thought he'd be there for the rest of my life. Did I really think he wouldn't move on? When I talked to my mom about this last night, she said that he must be so happy he's with his wife now. Although, I'm very happy for the both of them, I told my mom, "Yeah, but doesn't He know that I NEED him?!?!" Very selfish I know... But I love him! For me, he was very uplifting and encouraging. I loved his optimism. I really could have listened to his amazing talks forever! Way to be Pres. H! I love you.

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MiNdY said...

Amen! :) He is such a SWEET man.. I love all the Pres. Hinckley posts up! I wish I could be just like him.. because to be just like him would be just about as perfect and christlike as it gets.