Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Toe!!!

My poor crappy crappy toe!!! I was on my computer about a week ago and I could hear our dogs trying to jump the fence YET AGAIN!! I stood up, looked out the window and started to yell after them. Of course that didn't stop them, so I turned around to run out side, and smashed my foot into my 5 lbs dumb bell which caused me to trip over a lawn chair collapsing it on mt way to the ground. When I finally hit the ground, it was my knee that landed first on the metal part of the chair. So needless to say it's been a hard week of walking. This picture shows my toe after 3 days. Seriously, it looks A LOT better! The swelling went down so much, it stopped bleeding and the bruising looks so much better!

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uslimes said...

sher, just looking at your poor toe makes my butt pucker. seriously! looks like it REALLY hurt! i ca nonly imagine... and then i do and get the pain-shivers. hope you are on the mend and doing better! at least well enough to chase down your dogs!