Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Finals!!! (Glad they're over!)

So I can't be happier that this semester is FINALLY over! I had 4 photography classes. I took Studio Lighting, Colour Photography, Alternative Photography and Photoshop. By far, my photoshop class and my Alternative class were my favorite. I would have loved the other two had I not had loser teacher for the other 2 classes. (Same teacher.)


OHANA said...

you are soo good!! I definately need to have you teach me some things on photoshop...well when I get it.

- (¯`'·.¸(¯`'·.¸ Geena Bennett ¸.·'´¯)¸.·'´¯) - : said...

I love all these pictures!! :) Especially the ones of Jessica... its so cute to finally see her in some pictures looking so happy! Shes so beautiful like all the Bennett sisters are!